Kiltyclogher-Leitrim-Regenerate Rural Ireland

September 6, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News


This a border village kiltyclogher in County Leitrim. A campaign was started here a few week ago to invite young families to the area to save the local school. 6 different family have came and more on the way, with 16 new kids started in the local two teacher school. Now a third teacher might have to be found. There is big history in this border village. It is the home of one of the signatures of the proclamation Seán Mac Diarmada and he brought freedom to part of this island. The village was cut off the last time by its Bridge blow up as a border. We need to regenerate these village not bring more borders. This campaign was done by local border community, look what success they had. We could regenerate rural Ireland and border communities by working and networking together not with new borders.