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    11 Apr 2017 This guide does not take into account any experience bonuses your server may have Total Xp: 170k * 3 = 510k crafting xp Profession: Chef
    At Novice Chef and up you recieve food crafting XP. The xp you get for each item is easy to calculate as it is the resources x 2 in 96% of the cases (only a few
    11 Jul 2007 Other Userful Links SWGAide Guards for Chef, by Bala. A good starter, edit the to your pleasure. Milk Aquisition, by Iaca. A nice milking guide
    Chef foods in Star Wars Galaxies used to provide temporary stat buffs for players. We have put together quick links to all the Chef crafting schematics, and their
    I keep seeing recipes requiring milk, where do I get it?. 7. What about . Chef is an elite crafting profession; you can’t just jump straight into it. First, you have to
    Use the same tips from the Artisan General Crafting guide. Grind: .. For example, Quenkers will give you around 300 Combat XP each! CHEF General Crafting:
    A great guide to the Tailor color palette when ordering clothes. http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36442 .. Here’s how to grind out all three crafting trees for BE in about 10 hours total game time, you need 510,000 exp.28 May 2012
    following is merely a repost of the NGE Chef guide from the old SWGCraft forums. Either way, you need to start earning credits before you can begin crafting.
    This article relates to an element of Star Wars Galaxies prior to the New Game Training Novice Chef requires 19,200 General Crafting XP and one branch from

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