A New Job Meant the Time to Sell my TVR Had Finally Arrived

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    A real sports car had been something I had hankered after ever since I first got behind a wheel and learned to drive. I was looking for something small, fashionable and fast, and the TVR Tuscan was the answer to my prayers. With a four litre, six cylinder engine and 380 brake horse power it drove like lightening, with top speeds of up to 160 miles per hour. Additionally, the power assisted rack and pinion made it one of the most comfortable and responsive cars I had ever driven. It did, of course, look great too; a neat, curvaceous little car that hugged low to the ground. Added to that, it did 0 to 60 miles per hour in a miniscule 3.8 seconds, meaning I was never left behind when the traffic lights changed. Tearing down the motorway in one of these was about as near to flying as you could get on the road. When the time came to sell my TVR Tuscan I just didn’t know where to start. It was hard enough in the first place to find the right car at the right price, making sure I wasn’t paying too much, let alone knowing how much to sell it for and how to attract interest.

    However unhappy I was about it, I had to sell the TVR Tuscan. I had taken a new job that meant I would be commuting by train every day, and having a car on the drive for six out of the seven days per week, whilst paying £3,000 for a yearly train season ticket, just did not make any financial sense. So, with great reluctance, I went about putting my car on the market. At first, I didn’t know where to go for information and advice. Being a woman with a fast car, I didn’t want to go to a second-hand dealership and ask silly questions that the salesman would roll his eyes at. I was also worried that I might get taken for a fool and accept a much lower price than I could. Being a resourceful kind of girl, I decided to do some research online before I made an idiot of myself in public Maxisys MS906TS.

    After a little scouting around online, I found the perfect solution. I decided to sell my TVR Tuscan through an online company that specialised in TVR models. It was so straightforward, I wondered what on earth I had been worried about when I first realised I had to sell the TVR. All I had to do was fill out an online form Autel maxiTPMS Pad, stating the make, age and condition of the car, and pay a flat rate fee, regardless of how long it took to sell my car, and the rest of the hard work was done for me. My TVR Tuscan was online for potential buyers to look at for only a few days before someone snapped it up, and I made more money from it than I thought I could.

    As much as I love my new city job, a little bit of me still regrets selling my TVR Tuscan. The daily train ride is not nearly as exciting as tearing about on a 4 litre engine. Perhaps, when my career changes and I can work more locally, I’ll check that online car website and see if I can buy a TVR Tuscan again.

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