Social Energising

Irish. Network provides a facility for all members to network with each other and converse in one place and work together to deliver actions that support community projects, create local employment and enhance community life.
This networking facility will provide support for programmes to stimulate social and economic community development regeneration initiatives.This will help bring about change and benefit Individuals, communities and society in general. Rural Ireland will become a dynamic adaptable and outward looking multi-sectoral economy supporting vibrant, resilient, and diverse communities

Irish.Network facilitates people coming together to engage in projects with political participation, the environment, climate change and community cohesion. It empowers community members and stakeholders to focus on solutions which address the root causes of social issues and then implement those solutions.

Irish.Network will provide the necessary support, communication and platform necessary to allow Ireland’s rural economy to emerge from the current crises and move forward with self-confidence as well as renewed belief in its potential to contribute to national economic recovery.