Rural Regeneration

Rural Recovery

An unequal and two tier recovery is emerging in Ireland. Poverty rates at all levels are higher in rural areas and the median income level is lower. While employment is increasing in urban areas unemployment is still a significant challenge for rural Ireland due to low paid, part time and seasonal work.

The villages and small towns are the spine of the country and once were thriving market towns serving the farmlands and countryside around them however many are now in sad and terminal decline.

Cities are getting larger while villages and small towns are facing depopulation. Rural Ireland is facing considerable challenges, economic and social issues. Unemployment and an aging demographic are significant factors contributing to rural poverty, decline and social exclusion.

Solutions to these issues require broad strategies based upon adequate policy planning, economic and social support, a regional development agenda and broader skills development strategies.

For rural Ireland to overcome these challenges its need to look to its past where the local economy helped them to survive. We need rural, small town, and village renewal and regeneration.

Grass Roots Regeneration

Irish.Network wants to ensure that this regeneration takes place at a grass roots level by providing:

  • The development of a Business and Community based communication platform
  • Cost savings and bulk buying for Businesses
  • Group networking for sharing development ideas, contacts, leads, and joint ventures
  • Support for local based Community projects on a county wide basis
  • Promotion of Community, Education, and Technology projects
  • Public and Private Funding information
  • Business to Business marketing channels
  • Links with International Irish Networks

Irish.Network is fully in line with the Government Action Plan for Rural Development which objective is as follows:

Improving the lives of those living and working in rural communities is a priority of the Government’s Programme for a Partnership Government. Their objective is to ensure the success of vibrant, rural ccommunities across Ireland. That means supporting the creation of 135,000 jobs in rural Ireland, bringing high –speed broadband to every home and business and revitalising towns and villages through the implementation of 4,000 projects at a local level.