Irish Network

Irish network will provide an online platform for Irish people from all over the world to connect and converse in one place and provide opportunities for partnerships to develop and grow.

Our vision is

  1. Rural Regeneration
  2. Business Communication
  3. Community Development
  4. Agricultural Support
  5. Social Energising
  6. Youth Involvement and Leadership
  7. International Outreach

Irish.Network wants to ensure that this regeneration takes place at a grass roots level by providing:

  • The development of a Business and Community based communication platform
  • Cost savings and bulk buying for Businesses
  • Group networking for sharing development ideas, contacts, leads, and joint ventures
  • Support for local based Community projects on a county wide basis
  • Promotion of Community, Education, and Technology projects
  • Public and Private Funding information
  • Business to Business marketing channels
  • Links with International Irish Networks

The plan will be implemented by

  • Development of a national network portal
  • Development of each county network portal
  • Quality Affiliate partnerships
  • Promotion of community educational and technology projects
  • Monthly Network Meetings with expert speakers
  • Membership presentations
  • Onsite business visits
  • Business card exchange and lead referral
  • Business to Business packages
  • Development of joint ventures
  • Facilitating National and International trade fairs
  • Community online Training