International Outreach

International Partnerships

Communication and International partnerships have assisted numerous Irish businesses and communities to develop, innovate and grow over the years.

Online Platform

Irish.Network provides an online platform for Irish people, communities, organizations and businesses from all over the world to connect and converse in one place and therefore provide a platform for opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures to develop.

Cultivating Partnerships

Identifying these opportunities and partnerships can be a lengthy and costly exercise. Irish.Network is the first National and International network cultivating profitable partnerships and joint ventures and is uniquely positioned to facilitate an Irish focused International community network and become the leading portal for discussion, dialogue and development of active International partnerships and International outreach community programs.

International Markets

Irish.Network is linked with a large number of International Irish networks and organizations and has the ability to develop deep knowledge of International markets, provide access and a platform for International Trade shows and also provide direct links and communication links to our sister networks in the UK and the USA.

Irish Diaspora

Through the Irish. Network podcast we reach out to Irish people and communities throughout the globe broadcasting on a wide range of topics including business, sport, culture, community, heritage and the arts thereby creating huge business and networking opportunities through our massive international reach and appeal.