Business Communication

Monthly Virtual Network Meeting

There will be one online meeting every month via webinar where members can take part online or partake by phone call. The meeting will last for one hour and many special guests will be interviewed from around the world. There will also be a facilitated Questions and Answers session.

County Network Meetings

Each county will host three network meetings per annum with one social event each December. These network meetings will last for 90 minutes with the following proposed agenda.

  1. Members Introductions
  2. Facilitated discussion about County and Community Development Initiatives
  3. Topical Keynote Presentation
    a) By Invited expert speakers
    b) Network members
    c) Home grown Hero Interview

Provincial Meetings

Each province will host one meeting yearly with an additional meeting once a year in Dublin. This will be an opportunity for members to network outside their county.

Annual National Networking Event

An annual networking event will also take place in the format of a National Conference with Four Irish guests from outside Ireland in areas such as business, sport, voluntary organizations and the arts.